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The Black Bear Conservation Stamp Program began in 1996. Authorized by the Maryland General Assembly, the stamp generates funds that are used to compensate farmers who have reported damage to agricultural crops caused by black bears. Stamps may be purchased for a minimum contribution of $5.00 and are available on the DNR website, or through any of the Department of Natural Resource's Service Centers located throughout Maryland, or by calling 1-800-873-3763. For more information, go to:

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Morning Stroll
2013-2014 stamp

Crossing the Meadow
2011-2012 stamp

Just Another Day
2000 stamp

Wandering the Glades
2003-2004 stamp

Looking so Forlorn
2007-2008 stamp

Afternoon Nap

Images of Autumn

Sleepy Eyes

Watchful Eyes

Ready for Winter

Heading for Higher Ground

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