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"It's my hope that when people see with my work, it somehow maybe helps them recall a magical moment in their lives or perhaps encourages them to take a closer look and see the beauty of nature and wildlife as I do. I consider the ability to draw and paint to be an incredible gift that allows me to portray some of the special moments and experiences through my eyes.  Painting gives me the ability to express my fascination and appreciation for the natural world to to viewers and then connect with those people who enjoy those same amazing things."  I invite you to explore my images of original works and hope you enjoy the natural world as much as I have enjoyed creating these images.

Next Art Show


Annual Long's Park Art Festival      September 1-3, 2023


Booth #5

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

Long's Park     1441 Harrisburg Pike    Lancaster, PA   17601

  Africa Trip
  September - October 2019
Small Miniatures
  Wyoming / Montana Trip
  September - October 2021

Steve Oliver


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