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Bar Harbor area of Maine

While traveling, Unlike my other three trips to Maine, which were in warm month of June, my fourth was in cooler weather of early October. Another difference was I had the good fortune to enjoy this trip with my favorite traveling companion, Wendy. Having never been to Maine before, I wanted to be sure she got to see as much as possible. The intent was to not only catch the changing colors of the New England foliage and see the rocky coast during a different season, but to also see as much of the wildlife as possible. For the few days we were there, near Bar Harbor, we made Seal Harbor in Acadia National Park our home.  
During repeated trips around the park and exploring wherever possible, we enjoyed many views from Cadillac Mountain, the rocky coast and tidal pools near Otter Point. We even climbed in a cave, with an opening not even visible at high tide. Taking advantage of a few good tips we got from our hosts, we hiked a few of the less frequented trails and enjoyed some of the less known places Acadia has to offer.

On one cold, clear morning, we did a little paddling up a creek on the north side of the island. The water was cold and like glass, the air was crisp and the reflections were spectacular. We didn’t see a moose, but everything about this particular morning and landscape kept the anticipation high and the possibility in our minds.  
And what trip to Maine would be complete without a lobster feast? Lobster: clearly one of the best parts of visiting the north Atlantic coast. Fifteen pounds of lobster…five hungry people… Life is good! We also managed to visit Baxter State Park on a gorgeous, sunny day, where we took a very long hike before leaving.

Also, during our trip, we went on a two-hour nature cruise and a four-hour whale watch out of Bar Harbor. Lighthouses, seals, scenery, birds and, of course, whales kept these trips interesting and exciting. A special thanks to Patty and Brian for the use of their home and their hospitality.

Maine - 2010

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